Nick Fradiani home for huge Connecticut concert, and to relive the good old days

After months in the mountains, Nick Fradiani is back on his home turf. The “American Idol” is staying in Guilford in his old room, cracking jokes like the old days, and has plans to jam with the old crew.

“It’ll be Zippy on drums, Nick Abraham on guitar like usual and my dad`s gonna make a little special performance,” said Nick of Saturday’s All Star Christmas concert at the Toyota Oakdale Theater in Wallingford.

Nick will open for headliner Rob Thomas.

“It’s nice to see myself being able to be a part of a show this size. I’m hoping once the album comes out, you know, get some feedback off it, hopefully there’s a lot more of these to come,” he said.

The debut album he’s talking about is “basically done,” Nick said.

“We have the songs written and demo-ed out and now it’s just kind of getting the final approval on the top whatever, 13, that they decide to put on the record,” Nick said.

Facebook fans have been given a sneak peek at his new music, and lucky Connecticut groupies saw a live acoustic performance in September.

Saturday’s set, in front of close to 5,000 people, will be different, Nick said.

“This will be the first time you’ll be able to hear about three of them full band, so it’s going to be exciting,” he said.

Jim Bozzi, vice president of marketing for Live Nation, said Nick’s inclusion in the Christmas concert is helping ticket sales.

“Connecticut loves its stars,” Bozzi said. “I think you are going to see a packed house.”

As of Thursday, Bozzi said the show was not sold out, but it’s close. Tickets are still available here.

Nick said he can’t wait to see familiar faces in the crowd.

“You never know anybody, so it’s nice to come home and be able to play a show and know a lot of people here,” he said.